What Your Child Eat Matters to Their Smile

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A large part of your child’s oral health is determined by diet. This means that the health of their teeth and gums can be pulled in one direction or another by healthy or unhealthy food. We have provided further insight into the effect of food on teeth and how to improve your child’s health at mealtimes.

It’s commonly known that sugary foods and drinks are dangerous to teeth, but do you know why? The sugar in food mingles with bacteria in the mouth and becomes an acid that attacks the teeth and can lead to cavities and oral infection. Likewise, food that is heavy in starch easily clings to the tooth surface and can contribute to tooth decay. Eating acidic food reduces the defense of the tooth enamel, causing it to break down.

Because it’s hard to keep sweets and unhealthy snacks out of your child’s diet, it’s important to counteract the sugar and starch through daily dental habits. If your child is brushing and flossing their teeth every day and receiving regular dental checkups, their smile can be much healthier.

Our team at Bird Family Dentistry recommends meals rich in food good for teeth, including a high intake of water, whole grains, lean proteins, vegetables and fruit. This is because some fruits are sources of fluoride for tooth enamel, while protein is a good source of phosphate for nourished teeth. Calcium for stronger teeth can be found in dairy products to reduce the risk of chips, cracks and fractures.

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