Oral Health Spotlight: Interdental Cleaners

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If you would like to improve your oral health care, assess various aspects of your interdental cleaning performance to determine if there anything you can do to improve your tactics. This includes monitoring which products you use, and which methods you use to implement them safely and effectively. In the case of interdental cleaners, make sure you are using sturdy products that will function as intended and give your smile a better clean. Interdental cleaners refer to products that clean between teeth. Two amazing varieties of flossing tools include traditional floss and water flossers.

Whereas traditional dental floss uses a threaded material to gently scrub between teeth, water flossers use beams of water to help rinse out the areas between teeth. Depending on your oral health care needs and desires, both options are wonderful choices. However, if you do decide on a threaded floss, you may want to make sure the product is shred-resistant, so it will not tear upon use. This includes products such as single filament threads which are designed to be shred-resistant. Also, never use the same section of a thread between more than one tooth or even the same thread for more than one flossing session. This is to help control the risk of contamination.

If you are getting up there in years and you find it harder and harder to floss between your teeth, consider switching to easier to operate tools such as water flossers. Because water flossers use beams of water to clean between teeth, they require less effort to operate and are easy on your joints. Furthermore, water flossers have been shown to help wash out areas between teeth and can be used effectively in situations where threaded floss might not function properly. This includes times when restorations and replacements are in your mouth that prevent threaded floss from reaching all areas between teeth.

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