Maintaining a Healthy Smile in 2018

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It goes without saying that in order to protect your teeth from damage, you must follow basic rules of common sense. Some of the key parts of mouth care include eating the right foods, practicing excellent oral hygiene, and keeping an eye out for potentially damaging conditions.

Sugars and acids in foods can cause tooth loss. If bacteria begin to build up in your mouth, they will form a sticky layer called plaque. When sugars are introduced, the plaque can convert the sugars into harmful acids that can erode the tooth enamel; this introduces cavities and other forms of tooth decay to your smile. Be sure to maintain excellent oral health habits: brush for two minutes, twice a day, and floss once a day.

Not all oral health risks come from external sources. If you have a condition such as bruxism, your teeth are at an increased risk of failure. Bruxism is a condition in which your teeth clench and grind together unconsciously, often when you are sleeping. It is often difficult to diagnose. If left unchecked, the grinding of teeth can weaken your tooth enamel and even cause chips and cracks. Check with your dentist if you suspect bruxism or other dental health problems.

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