Facts About Bad Breath

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Do you ever suffer from bad breath? If so, you’re likely inconvenienced like many other people are by this issue. One thing that can help is knowing all about bad breath. This can help you by giving you ideas of how to deal with and treat your bad breath. So, our dentists, Dr. Zachary A. Bird are Dr. Albert Bird, are happy to help you know all about bad breath by sharing some bad breath facts. Those facts are:

-There are many causes of bad breath. Some simple causes might be food stuck in your teeth, improperly cleaned oral appliances (like retainers, braces and dentures) and dry mouth. Some more complex causes might be poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease and tobacco use.

-Oral hygiene can help improve your breath, so make sure to brush and floss regularly. However, more complex causes of the bad breath, like tobacco use and periodontal disease, require professional treatment and help.

-You can improve your breath throughout the day by sipping on water. This is because the water can wash your teeth, gums and mouth regularly.

-Scrubbing your tongue can help you have the fresh breath you deserve. Brushing your tongue after you brush your teeth or using a tongue scraper can remove the odorous bacteria on the surface of the tongue.

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