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Are CEREC Crowns Right for You?

Posted on 10/10/2015 by Zac Bird
A diagram of how a dental crown is attached to a patients tooth.If you are in need of a dental crown, you may have a difficult time scheduling this procedure. After all, getting a crown usually involves multiple appointments, and for busy adults with jam-packed schedules, making time for these appointments can be difficult. Fortunately, dental technology is improving every day, and now, many dental offices are providing CEREC crowns in order to provide a convenient solution to patients.

What Exactly is CEREC Technology?

The innovative CEREC is a computerized machine that creates 3D porcelain crowns. This system gives dentists the ability to create tooth restorations the same day rather than waiting to have the crown created in a third party lab. Your dentist will simply need to take pictures of your mouth before uploading them onto a computer and designing a 3D restoration. This information is sent onto the porcelain milling machine, which will create the crown.

What Are the Benefits of CEREC Crowns?

The primary benefit of CEREC crowns is that they are able to be created immediately, and this innovative technology could actually reduce the amount of time needed to have a crown put into place by weeks. With traditional crowns, X-rays and impressions of your teeth will need to be sent to a dental lab so that a custom restoration can be created, and you'll need to come in for a follow-up appointment to have the crown actually put into place. With CEREC, the machine is located in the office, and your crown can be made on the same day, requiring only a singular dental visit.

Accuracy is also an important benefit of CEREC crowns. The technology used within the CEREC machine is thought to be a more accurate solution when compared to the traditional crowns created in a lab. The computer system will provide a result that is more precise, and in most cases, your dentist won't need to do any adjustments or modifications before bonding the finished product into place.

CEREC crowns are also extremely durable. They are created from porcelain, metal-free materials that won't leak or crack over time. They look just like your natural teeth and allow for repairs that are more conservative in nature in the future. Most patients appreciate the durability of these restorations just as much as they like the convenience of having the crown designed and placed during the same visit.

Are There Any Shortcomings to CEREC?

With all of the great benefits of CEREC crowns, you may be wondering if there are any downsides to these restorations. Unfortunately, they won't be right for everyone. Depending on the location of the tooth that needs to be restored, ceramic might not be the most appropriate material, and the technology is only suited for people who are in need of a small amount of restorations. Additionally, it may be more difficult for dentists to get the exact color correct with this technology, making your restoration appear different in color from the rest of your teeth.

The other downsides of this technology are generally experienced by the dentist. While CEREC crowns have the potential to save both the dentists and patient time and money in the long-run, it can be expensive to purchase the initial machine. Additionally, every new machine will require careful training so that your dentist knows how to operate it correctly. While the CEREC machine offers significant potential for patients, some busy dentists may not feel that they have the time to master a new type of technology.

If you have a tooth that needs to be crowned, please contact us to schedule a time to talk about your issue. We will find the restoration that is right for you.

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